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My name is Connie Papayani. I design and make all the jewelry you see on this site. We are located in California, east of San Francisco in the Bay area.

My grandmother’s name was Mary Pappaiyanni until she got married.

My grandmother grew up in a Greek family, in the village of Politzani, in the mountains of Albania. Her family herded sheep and goats. She got married at age 13, and went to live with her husband's mother. She packed her doll and her clothes and moved in with her in-laws. In 1914, her husband Photis sojourned to the United States, and later, in 1923, she joined him.

Her name was now no longer Pappaiyanni, she became Mary Goulis. The Goulis family had eight children, the youngest of whom was Helen, my mother.

One of my grandmother's pieces of jewelry was a ring from the old country, Greece. It was a miniature of an ID bracelet with a flattened curb chain, with an inscription in Greek letters.

I have crafted a replica of it, minus the inscription, and enjoyed the process. It is now in a private collection.

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As the designer for Papayani jewelry, my goal is to create in precious metals and stones the beauty, symmetry, and durability of classic Greek style.

I use ancient metalworking techniques to fabricate timeless pieces of lasting appeal.

Enjoy your visit.

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